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Private Services

At Revel Pharmacy, our private services cover flu vaccinations, private prescriptions, veterinary pet prescriptions and private advice on minor ailments & medicine sales.

Flu Vaccinations

A quick and simple flu vaccination can make all the difference and helps protect yourself and loved ones from unpleasant flu symptoms.

Contact Us at Revel Pharmacy to discuss your options. Our pharmacist will advise you on the flu jab offers available which work best for you.

Our private prescription service allows you to conveniently obtain prescription medications directly without visiting your GP's practice. Whether you need a repeat prescription, treatment for a specific condition - we're here to help.

Contact Us to start taking advantage of our Private Prescription Service today.




At Revel Pharmacy, we are also able to dispense select veterinary pet prescriptions, saving you higher fees elsewhere. 

To get started, simply fill out our Veterinary Prescription Enquiry Form and we'll be in touch.


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